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Happy Series


The Happy Series... Be Happy Choose Happy.

The Happy series created during the 2020/2021 Pandemic highlights the need for positive thought and action during these uncertain times.

The world is in a very unsettled time with many of those around us suffering and struggling to cope with the unprecedented turn of events of the past year. Both financially and physically the world seems at breaking point.

The Happy Series is just a small guesture in these times intended to lift the viewers mood.  The pieces signifiy hope light-heartedness and brightness the veritable light at the end of this long dark tunnel.  Large naive shapes colourful blurs and abstract mark making symbolise dopamine levels and the influence of music and visual arts on mood. The brushstroke emulating both freedoms and looseness with and underlying structure some more dense with feeling than others. The art aims to bring awareness to the need of positivity and happiness in the darkest of times alighting to the glimmer of hope and unwaivering sense that everything is going to be ok.  


Happy Surfboards in Collaboration with Open Surf  & Beau Young Surfboards
Prices and Information Available on Request


Available Pieces

Happy Series