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Adrift on the Summer West Winds

Zephyr - a light wind or a west wind named after Zephyrus the Greek god or personification of the west wind.




The Inspiration

Inspired by long summers in Cornwall as a child and now sharing some of the same experiences with my daughter I have drawn inspiration from my local surroundings and dreams of days gone by spent in or by the water.


As far as I can remember I have been a water baby growing up here in Wembury Devon my family having lived by the coast many generations gone by. This collection is inspired by the happy little fishing boats bobbing in the never ending ebb and flow of the ever retreating and returning tide and the generous tones of blues and greens and reflections of brightly coloured boats and bouys.


Working with fabric and textile design has long since emphasised my love of texture through application and its kinship with colour. Inspired by the local beaches and colours of summer my new collection Zephyr aims to deliver that summer feeling straight to your home.

Collection Currently Represented by Gallery 5 Salcombe

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